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                           Majik, The Novel

                                                       Part One 

Once in a land not so far away lived a Patootie of the Mountain Patooties. 
A very dear friend had transitioned into Summerland and she missed him so. 
Now Patooties are very gentle and caring.  They always plant flowers around them
and encourage the wild blooms to share their glorious colors.  Patooties touch the
wind and just know.  They dip into the water and can tell what to pay attention to. 
They love to go barefoot on the earth and feel the vibrations that tickle their feet. 
Daily they honor the four directions, speaking to the ancestors that live in the north. 
Life has balance and purpose.

Now this Patootie was out of balance.  Everything looked crooked and blurry. 
Pattie Patootie thought and walked and sat until the idea occurred to find another
dear friend like the one who traveled on.  Patootie lived in the heart of a small
northern town.  She hung her coat in a teeny tiny yellow house.  A very commanding
mountain was nearby and looked over miles and miles of hills and flatlands and smaller
mountain ranges. 

 So on the the www or World Wide Web (or some some such manner - -electronic thing)
which connected people everywhere, Pattie was searching for another friend. 
She saw many available like the Poodledooles and the Snickeroodles of 5th Avenue. 
She found Haveneese and Balineeses and Chicungas and Brombuddas and even Puddells
from way down south.   She kept on looking.  There were Housers and Blasters with
pink Cuddleworth backs.  Then a darling angel face appeared on the screen of her computer,
a face that had the sweetness just like a pansy, that lovely flower.  It was a Lhasa Apso
baby.  Only a picture could do justice to his beautiful soft black hair that totally hid his
shiny black eyes.   This puppy had a tiny black button nose over the sweetest ever tiny mouth. 
He appeared to be too cute and seemed like he was created by beautiful magic.

Patootie called her sweetheart, Poppie Patootie, to come over and see this picture. 
He did, then suggested they ride down to the flatlands and see this possible and absolutely
little puppy friend.  Well, he was just about perfect with a mother and father that were
equally charming. An agreement was made to come and bring the puppy back to the
mountains in a week.  Oh, such excitement.

The appointed day came when it was time to pick up the new friend.  Pattie Patootie wanted to call
her new little friend "magic".  Poppie Patootie thought that they could spell the name like the
old ways. 
M-A-J-I-K.    Pattie Patootie agreed and so it was.  Names are very important,
you know. 
Names say so much.   The drive home seemed longer than before while Pattie and Poppie
listened to
amazing music as they traveled.  When they arrived at the Lhasa House, Little Majik was
so joyful to see his new friends. 
We all rode off happy to be together.  Majik was home. 
And we had a brand new good friend. 
Then the Patooties arrived at the yellow house and took
Majik inside.  He ran around exploring
and playing and bouncing.  A darling neighbor had left him
a present of a new toy and some cookies.  
Majik took the new toy to a small rug by the wood stove. 
He would run around the room and then
go back to his magic rug.  We all went to sleep together
to cuddle land where all is warm and cozy and loving.

So now the Patooties have their puppy. To become, for sure, A Dear Friend. It was a little Majik. 
This little friend seemed to have a certain built in confidence about him, even at 8 weeks old,
and his joy was contagious. You couldn’t look at him without giggling.  Majik would tilt his head
to the side and look straight in your eye, seeming to say, “What ?".  He had so much fun playing
that next week.  Poppie and Pattie took him to the pet shop to get a harness and found a cute
little electric blue vest type harness and bought the vest and his first squeaky toy.  He had already
adopted one of the Patootie teddy bears and within days he had toys galore.  A lucky playful enduring
courageous and an amazingly loving puppy.  Everyone needs a bit of Majik in their life.

And the adventures began.  One of the first baby trips into the world was to our local dear restaurant,
The Brewery.  Poppie Patootie played guitar and sang there and Majik was to hear Poppie’s
Rockette Caucus for the first time.  The puppy seemed a bit overwhelmed and yet not distressed
in any way.  Other Patootie friends (Weendie and Mykkie) cuddled him while we all ate dinner together
and enjoyed listening to the Poppie show of music, bright lights and magic.  Soon Majik was exploring
the area and trying to make friends with Cleopatra or Cleeie Patootie, a pet friend belonging to Weendie
and Mykkie Patootie.  Cleeie, is a mature dog who does’t acknowledge the fact that she is indeed a
canine (really she knows she is one of the Patooties.....and did seem secretly to be enjoying the
attention for just a bit.  Majik ended up sitting right in front of Poppie, just being near by the
music with with Poppie.  Puppies do tire out eventually. The little guy cuddled in for a nap on Weendie
Patootie’s lap.  After listening more to the great music, Pattie took him home to rest. 
Life is really good and fun for MrMajik.

Majik also accompanied Pattie to her weekly meditation session with friends. 
Cleeie lived at the house of Weedie and Mykiee Patootie where they all got together. 
Gallie Patootie was there and gave Majik lots of warm and loving attention.  Cleeie was
impatient and stand-offish.  Majik didn’t care, he just kept bouncing around her,  
trying to get some response.   Sometimes the response seemed harsh, a big loud
growl and showing of big teeth, but that did not discourage our bold baby friend.  
Weedie Patootie held softly Majik for awhile to calm him down, but he continued
to want to play with Cleeie.  We choose not to meditated that day.


Not all the other critters, that Majik soon met, were resistant to the charm of Majik. 
There was Buster who just adored Majik from their first meeting.  They ran and 
ran all over the yard, playing, jumping, wrestling, biting, licking.   All the loving stuff. 
Buster even laid down to be at the same level as Majik.   The two were completely
filled with joy at their encounter.  Majik never seemed to tire while Buster was
visiting but fell in a heap of contented puppy when Buster left.  What a fun day 
! Majik was asleep for many hours this time.

So the unfolding Saga of Majik included many new friends and experiences.  He was only
nine weeks old as Pattie took him everywhere she went.   Now Pattie played on the big
harp every week.   Poppie put on the electric blue Majik puppy vest, attached Majik to
a long lead taking Majik where Pattie played.  After checking the area out thoroughly,
Majik settled down right near the harp and sat up attentive listening to the peaceful music. 
He seemed to be thinking of a place far away where there are lots of harps playing,

......but that’s another story.

Majik was now growing fast.  He out grew his XXS vestie and had to be fitted with the
next size (XS) at the Pet Store.  Pattie Patootie got him a big bag of the cookies that fit
inside his green rubber egg that he “bats” around to find a slot for the cookie to fall out of the egg. 
I think you have to see it to be able to visualize the structure.  Just the purpose is enough
to understand why Majik would love cookies.   He loves everything and everybody. 
Majik runs around life just giving love kisses (licking) and playing hard with his toys,
your feet or pant leg, the leaves and twigs, the big red and black ball ... Acorns,
you get the picture?  Majik loves to play intensely with Everything.   
Loving everything that is happening.  And good things just keep on happening. 

This little Lhasa puppy definitely loved to eat.  His enthusiasm was fun to watch.  

Majik notices that everybody loves him.  They speak gently and giggle quietly
when they see his face and sometimes bring him presents.  Fun ones like a loofa bone
or big stuffed puppy or and (really the best) was an antler from maybe a deer or a moose.  
Majik was wild about his antler.  Throwing it high in the air, chasing as the antler rolled over
the hardwood floor making lots of noise.  His antler was given to him by another sweet Patootie,
Emellie Patootie.  Emellie loved dogs-all kinds of dogs.  Her work was to help the pups and
their families to become a conscientious member of his tribe...... to learn to take guidance on 
how to be awake to listening to their main Patooties, like Pattie and Poppie.  Training dogs was
her life work and she was wonderful.
Poppie Patootie was always bringing something good to eat for Majik.  Human animals just love
to feed Majik.  He ate small pieces of chicken, cooked for him with love by Poppie Patootie.
Majik had round cruncies that he ate, taking each piece over to his favorite blanket to chew.

Majik tackled his food with vigor.  Cleaning the plate and looking either around for more,
or waddling away from his dish.  Depending how much was on his green glass dish. 
One problem was that he was always ready to eat.  When Pattie and Poppie had their meals,
at first, Majik was barking and expecting food in return.  After all, when he barked at the door
to go do his duty, the door was opened immediately.  Why not be able to get anything
he wanted by barking?  Why indeed?  Pattie kept repeating the words, “this is not doggie food.” 
They worked on that for awhile. Majik learned quickly to not bark when his people were eating.
He still would sit very close when they ate.  Reminding the Patooties of a PEANUTS cartoon where
Snoopy in sitting quietly by the table, watching, and Lucy says,“Stop Begging!”   Snoopy then replies
..."I'mnot begging, I just happen to be sitting here looking your way." That’s like Majik with
an attitude of just being close near by and looking intensely at his Patooties while they ate.

And so on.  Each day Majik brings love and joy by being himself.

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