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The pugnacious, pretentious, pompous pihranna puppy of Patty Patootie
BREAKING NEWS ! Dateline: Dunsmuir, CA... March 2, 2015-
Mr Majik & Miss Mikki Spitfire are proud to announce the birth of
their new SON... and DAUGHTER.... and SON... and DAUGHTER...
and SON... and DAUGHTER... and SON... and DAUGHTER ! That's right...
last night MIKKI had 8 (count 'em EIGHT !) healthy baby Lhasa Apsos !
Pictures forthcoming (in a week or 2) on this website...

 Lotsa Lhasa Love & Laughter 

      Meet Mr Majik's New Mate              
  Miss Mikki Spitfire (her first day home 9/5/13)

GROWING UP QUICK ! Mikki & Majik have 6 PUPPIES !